President’s Message


As you can see, the Waterloo Catholic Teachers have a new and improved website! We hope the new look and redistribution of information helps get our message out and boosts communication with members.

Communication is a two-way street. We want to disseminate information more effectively to our members, as well as improve the many ways we listen and learn about what is important to them.

Your Union is an integral part of your professional life – if you want it to be. I purposefully use the word your because it is your Union. It is always here for you when you need it and there truly is strength in numbers; that is what the Union movement is all about.

Your Union is also here when you don’t necessarily think you need it. We constantly work at maintaining and improving areas that affect your work life. Sometimes change is slow (glacial even) but trust that we never stop moving forward for you.

But, we are only as strong as the membership. You are an important part of a collective with the ability to achieve so much when we all move in the same direction. For the Waterloo Catholic Teachers to be strong, we must know what is going on in your schools and workplaces. We need to know about the successes and struggles. We encourage all members to let us know when the Collective Agreement is not being followed and to speak up should questions about rights, responsibilities, working conditions, leaves of absence, benefits, and salary arise.

As many of you are aware, the Executive has a great deal of information that we must get to you. But, what makes us strong is when you make your voice heard. We must not be afraid to speak to make our Catholic Education system the best it can be.

The change in the Ontario government could seriously affect us, so we need to prepare for what may come. Our ability to effectively communicate with each other will be integral during this time. A consistent and secure method of exchanging information is a major benefit of our new website, and all the included features.

That being said, the best way to stay in the loop, and the best way for you to keep us in the loop, is to register for the new website at By registering, you receive automatic access to important documents and forms, upcoming events, and information and updates that pertain to you!

We are better when everyone is heard, and we are here to listen and to help.


Patrick Etmanski

President, OECTA Waterloo

P.S. stay tuned for more exciting changes in the upcoming months!